It is more than a name change!


After a 56 years’ long journey, BASANT Wire Industries P. Ltd has changed its name to reflect its current business profile and more focus of solutions and service as compared to only products.

Well-known as the market leaders for Pins and Pinned Products for the textile industry, during the course of business, we gained expertise on how to optimize fiber opening and cleaning. The benefits are truly a game-changer – reducing process waste, improving yarn quality and increasing production efficiency significantly, thereby making Mills very competitive and profitable.

The company has steadily built its brand identity and trust with clients through its non-compromising attitude for quality and service and ethical business practices. We strongly believe in providing our customers great value for money through high quality, reliability, innovation and service.
We thank our valued customers who have made this day possible for us through their business, guidance and encouragement.

We are a pioneer in manufacturing pins since 1964. Over the decades, we also served our clients with solutions tailored to improving their quality and reducing waste through customized designs of Pin Products. We continuously update our technology, through in house innovation and have also acquiring the best know-how from global leaders in the field in order, to offer great value to our clients.

The company’s product range covers processing of the full range of fibres including Bast, Long Staple, Short Staple, Recycled, Cellulosic and Synthetic for Ring, Worsted, Open-end, Airjet and Friction Spinning. We offer products and solutions for natural, synthetic and special fibres such as metal and glass for nonwovens, besides Perforation and Fibrillation for plastic films.

The company has the world’s widest range of Pins and Pinned Products manufactured under one roof. We export worldwide to over 40 countries spread over all continents, besides supplying to OEMs.

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