Customized solutions for Spinning

Cut costs, improve quality with our tailor-made solutions.


Transform your Spinning Business ! 

Use our gentle Fiber Opening Solution to cut process loss , improve quality and its consistancy, improve productivity and efficiency .


Gentle opening with pins reduces fiber rupture and improves cleaning , thereby producing a better yarn with less waste.We combine our decades of experience and deep understanding of the spinning process with design & manufacturing technology sourced from the best international sources as well as continuous innovation. 

Clients have reduced costs upto 10% and improved quality upto 40% using our solutions. Given our vast experience, we can always offer case studies similar to your requirements as references.


Project design & execution

3 easy steps

  1. Understanding  your process challenges doing a technical audit to identify root cause and improvement areas, 
  2. Design & supply pinned rollers  components that will upgrade machinery performance.
  3. Oversee the implement and deliver improved results.