Precision Pinned Parts for Textiles, Nonwovens & Plastic Films Machinery

Improve Quality • Improve Productivity • Reduce Process Waste

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Since 1964, BASANT has been the pioneer and market leader, adding value to our textile and other industry client's business with advanced solutions of our pinned products for their ever-changing requirements and process challenges. We use technology sourced from top international sources, as well as, developed in-house through continuous innovation.

Our two modern manufacturing plants enable us offer a wide range of world-class, high performance products…learn more

Pins & Needles

We make pins for textile and non-textile applications. Manufactured with European machinery…more

Waste Reclamation

For rag and hard waste opening of cotton, wool, synthetic and other…more

Short Staple Spinning – Blow Room

Reduce fiber loss and fiber rupture using pins to enable gentle fibre…more

Short Staple Spinning – Carding

Pinned Lickerins reduce fibre loss and provide consistant fiber sliver quality For…more

Open End Spinning

Wide range of Spin Box accessories to suit your requirements: For Rieter,…more

Worsted Spinning Preparatory

Gill Box Fallers, Plastic Pinstrips and Machine Accessories for Wool, Silk and…more

Bast Fibres Spinning Prepartory

Pins, Gills and Combs for Bast Fibres, such as Jute , Sisal,…more

Weaving Looms

All types of Temples for long life, no temple marks For Sulzer,…more

Finishing Stenters

Pin plates with corrosion resistant pins not prone to bending, breaking. For…more

Non Woven

Fiber opening solutions, Perforation and Embossing tools. Opening & Cleaning Wide range…more

Micro Perforation

Precision tooling and machinery for hot and cold Perforation. Hot Needle Perforation…more

Pinned Fibrillation

Toolings for Fibrillation of plastic tapes. Fibrillation Rollers and Pinned Bars Fibrillating…more

Our Services

Process upgrades

Build immunity in your Spinning Use gentle fiber opening solutions to reduce losses...more

Technical Services

Product development, repairs, audits...more