Micro Perforation

Precision tooling and machinery for hot and cold Perforation.

Hot Needle Perforation

Hot Needle Perforation
A heated pinned roller provides perfect, round reinforced holes in the web to increase the tensile strength of the perforated film or foil.


Cold Needle Perforation

Cold Needle Perforation
Cold needle perforation is used in paper, foils, non woven and plastic films for air, moisture or liquid control. It is done by simply pushing a pin through material without any thermal application.



  • Clean Perforation – The smooth, but sharp pin-point produces a clearly defined hole, with clean running and little drag.
  • Various Lengths – Upto 6″ pinned sleeves that give maximum flexibility and localize accidental pin damage.
  • Lightweight – Help reduce power consumption and bearings wear.
  • Custom Built – As per your unique requirements or patterns.
  • Complete Systems – Matching pressure rollers for a diverse range of applications.


Micro-Perforation Machinery


Small highly flexible perforator suited for samples or trial production.


Suitable for continuous production of small production lots. Can be customized to requirements


Suited for continuous high production, while maintaining high accuracy.


Pinned Micro-Perforation Applications

  • Aerotec – Aerospace pressure tapes, insulation
  • Geotec – Agriculture, Horticulture, Landscaping, Drainage, Harvest yarns
  • Buildtec – Insulation, Membranes, Moisture control, Soundproofing, Concrete fibers
  • Clothtec – Cooling, Shoe soles, breathing
  • Hometec – Wallpaper, Carpeting, Fabric, Astroturf
  • Indutec – Combing, Ripping, Tearing, Puncturing, Perforating, Fibrillating, gripping
  • Medtech – Bandages, Gauze, Band-Aid, Tissue, Toilet paper
  • Mobiltec – Automobile Seats, Headliners, Soundproofing, Insulation
  • Oekotec – Recycling, paper, plastics and textile waste reclamation
  • Packtec – Breathable packaging, tape, laminates, plastics, shrink film, extrusion, sheeting, paper and cardboard
  • Foodtec – Decreased cook time, packaging, marination
  • Embossing and dimpling rollers also available.
  • Steel and Stainless Steel Pins for all applications