Short Staple Spinning – Blow Room

Reduce fiber loss and fiber rupture using pins to enable gentle fibre opening

For Rieter, Trutzschler, Lakshmi, Crosrol, Marzoli and other lines.


Plucker Roller

Disc Beater

Hardened alloy steel toothed profile segments, spirally arranged for efficient beating and long life without fibre rupture. We also offer pin-type plucker rollers, which help in reducing tuft size.


Pinned Beaters


Pinned aluminium beaters for all leading equipment brands. Lightweight alloy aluminum construction with accurate pinning, dynamically balanced for high speeds. We offer conversion of saw tooth beaters to pinned beaters. We also offer pinned beaters in laminated compressed wood.

Repinning of pinned lags and rollers with quality and performance as good as original.


Advantage of Pinned Beater over Saw Tooth type:

Pin vs sawtooth

  1. Pins provide gentle fibre opening, thus reducing fibre rupture and micro dust.
  2. Longer life – 4 to 10 times more than saw tooth.
  3. Better cleaning efficiency with lower fibre waste.
Essential quality features of our pins manufactured for pinned beaters
Essential quality features of our pins manufactured for pinned beaters.


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Pinned Lags

Aluminium Pinned LagsPinned Aluminium Lags Pinned ProductsKrishner Beater Wooden LagBeater Wooden Lags


Pinned Beater Lags in aluminum or compressed laminated wood of all types. Pin metallurgy, tip profile and heat treatment designed for long life and excellent fibre opening.

Available for all leading international brands of machines for upto 1600mm wide cylinders. All pin patterns, pin sizes and pin angles, all lengths – we also offer custom pin patterns.

Repinning of aluminum and wooden lags done using specialized equipment.


Plain & Spiked Lattices

Spiked Aluminium Lattice

Spiked Wooden LatticeSpiked Wooden Lattice





Wooden and Aluminium Lattices using the best quality pins, compressed laminated wood, riveted or bolted, sandwiched belts, reinforced canvas or synthetic aprons, to ensure extra long and trouble free performance.

With 800 to 1600 mm width, upto 6000 mm length and 3 to 12 tpsi pin density.

We also repair aluminium and wooden lattices.