Worsted Spinning Preparatory

Gill Box Fallers, Plastic Pinstrips and Machine Accessories for Wool, Silk and Synthetic Fibres

For NSC, Sant Andrea, Cognetex, Textima, OKK And other makes Of Gill Boxes


Faller Plastic Pinstrips:

Full range of Press Fit type Pinstrips of International quality standard with advantages of long long life, excellent fibre opening, quick remounting of fallers and economical prices. 2.5 to 9 PPCM / up to 300 mm pin set over /11 to 25 mm pin height.


Faller Bars:

Faller bars available for most leading chain driven machines, both high and low back, with various set overs, pin projections and the option of flat or round-pins


Insert Mounting Machine:

Low cost, Maintenance free, Portable machine for quick and easy remounting of inserts in faller bars.

1. Semi Automatic


2. Fully Automatic

Gill Box Head Spares:

NSC and other leading brands of Gill Boxes. Full range including Gill screws, slides, cams, guides, faller bars etc.


Almeter Combs:

Combs for Almeters for worsted fiber testing.

Almeter combs



Almeter combs