Non Woven

Fiber opening solutions, Perforation and Embossing tools.

Opening & Cleaning

Opening and cleaning rollers

Wide range of opening & cleaning discs & rollers suited to various applications. We also design machines for shredding carpets & other materials & segregating polypropylene, nylon, metal fibres, etc.


Waste Reclamation

Waste Reclamation rollers

Edge -trim rollers to recycle process waste generated during production.



Non Woven Carding rollers

Pinned Rollers in Carding are used to take unordered fibres and prepare them, creating a homogeneous mix of the various types of fibres, to produce webs of fibres to go into non-woven products.




Non Woven perforation rollers

Wide range of custom designed pin patterns for rollers upto 5 metres wide.



Knurled & Ball Point Pinned type embossing rollers.



Lattice upto 3m width in wooden & aluminium , endless or with joint.